Other Work

On most Sundays, you can find me preaching at Church of the Resurrection in Pleasant Hill, California. You can join us on Facebook Live or listen to the audio of my sermons.


I’ve had the joy of joining a range of thoughtful souls in conversation recently. Here are some of the highlights:

Everything Happens with Kate Bowler — Being Church on Our Worst Days

“The Holy Work of Repair—To Love What is Broken” — A Lenten Series at the Washington National Cathedral

Finding Grace through Grief, on the Lady Preacher Podcast

Awakin Call with Dr. Cynthia Li

Hope Tethered in Community, with Christ Church, Raleigh

Good Grief radio show with Cheryl Jones

Journey to Epiphany podcast with Callie Swanlund

Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books podcast with Zibby Owens

The Dewdrop with Vanessa Able

Other writing

Most of my writing is in sermon form these days (see above!) but here are a couple other recent bits:

The stories that change us, in the Christian Century

Joining our Wildernesses, on Daily Good